Storytelling in Design


Design is all about storytelling, and content has never been as important as it is in business of UX and CX today. How do you translate your vision to your stakeholders in your organization? How do you enable fast and clear comprehension of your product? This intriguing yet highly important question will be discussed at our next UX Summit in Palo Alto.


Since 2014, Idean UX Summit has brought over 50+ top speakers in design & technology into the light to discuss about the impact of design in business leadership.


Idean UX Summit in San Francisco

Idean UX Summit in San Francisco


IDEAN UX SUMMIT NO. 17 - May 18th, 2017


Our next UX Summit will center around how design and storytelling brings products to life and enables critical competitive advantage.



Risto Lähdesmäki, CEO of Idean

risto lähdesmäki, ceo of idean

CEO and co-founder at Idean, Risto is an entrepreneurially spirited, jack-of-all-trades Creative Director. He has a special talent for identifying business opportunities for his client companies and is somewhat allergic to the phrase: "This is not possible”.



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