The only way forward is change.

Every industry is in a perpetual state of disruption. Building new visions has become an essential growth strategy. Technology plays a key part in creating competitive advantage for staying ahead in the market. Consumers expect more, and organisations are mobilising in order to satisfy their behavioural changes.

Navigate the unknowns of change by applying design-driven business transformation.

Thursday, November 9th

Level 6, Foyles Bookstore in London


Join us for an afternoon of inspiration and discussion around
design-led culture. We will explore the changing landscape
of businesses in the shifting marketplace with:




Kevin Lee
Executive Director and Design Board at Visa

Kevin Lee is one of the most seasoned corporate innovation leaders around. With nearly two decades of experience leading digital design teams within some of the world’s most prolific brands, Kevin has seen firsthand the prioritization of corporate innovation proliferate over the years.He is a 10+ year veteran creative executive and design director with extensive experience in UX, product design and brand strategy.


Greger Ottosson
Director of Product Management at IBM

Greger has spent two decades in enterprise software, working in the US and Europe as an executive, product manager, design thinker, researcher, developer and technical seller. Most recently, he has been involved in the transformation of Product Management at IBM - a practice that was scaled to 1,000+ product managers and coached to dozens of product teams. This practice has been an integral part of building a world-class Design capability at IBM and leveraging user-centric design for market differentiation.


Kaspar Korjus
Managing Director, E-Residency of Estonia & TEDx Speaker

Building a new country for global citizens, one which is fully digital, transparent, legitimate, inclusive and empowering.



Espen Grimstad
CEO of Payr

Espen is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record building tech companies in Norway, New Zealand, Australia, and the US. Espen started his first company at the age of 18 and has Fintech-background working as a consultant to the Bank and Insurance sector, as well as founding several companies. Espen is also part of the 500 Startups Alumni from Mountain View in Silicon Valley, with 3 exits from previous ventures.


Risto Lähdesmäki
CEO of Idean


CEO and founder at Idean, Risto is an entrepreneurially spirited, jack-of-all-trades Creative Director. He has a special talent for identifying business opportunities for his client companies and is somewhat allergic to the phrase: "This is not possible”. Risto is an entrepreneur and designer at heart, and has worked with start-ups as well as big enterprises his entire professional career.



12.00: Registration & Lunch 

13.00: Welcome Words by Risto Lähdesmäki, Idean

13.30: kevin lee, design board at visa

14.00: kaspar korjus, e-residency at estonia

14.30: Coffee Break

15.00: espen grimstad, ceo of payr


16.15-18.30: Cocktail Hour